Pros & Cons on Laminate Flooring

Pros & Cons on Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors pros and cons

CFA Design floors have the largest warehouse for laminate flooring in Adelaide and South Australia. Our laminate flooring is tested for quality and it's the best in Australian standards. CFA Laminate flooring can be a cost effective option for your house and here are some good reasons to have them 

The look

You can get that luxurious timber floor look at a fraction of the cost.

Installation is easy

Installing them is a breeze. We have so many clients who DIY themself and many installers in Adelaide would charge you a very fair price to install them. But keep in mind, we advice you to use our branded acoustic underlay for installation.

Lasts long

CFA Laminate floors has a durable top layer which withstands daily foot traffic at your home. With proper care the floors will retain that brand new look for ages!

Easy to maintain

Just a daily sweep or dusting is more than enough to keep your floors clean

And now lets look at the cons, and there arent many :-) 

Not moisture proof

If you keep water residue for a long time, it might effect the structure of the flooring. So ensure you wipe off excess water from your floors. For more information. Follow our maintenance guide in our website

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